Sports Law University of Athens

Scientific Coordinator: Professor Panagiotis Petrakis and Academic Coordinator: Professor Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos

Nowadays sport has become a global phenomenon and people participate in various aspects of it by watching video sporting events either by actively participating in the administration or management of these events, and while the number of professional athletes and coaches geometrically increases, a multitude of relationships that require legislation is created.The Sports Law studies the concepts of sport, sport activities and sporting life. It examines the problems that arise within the sports scene and determines their legal dealing practices.This course is an introduction to the world of sports key concepts as conceived in national and international law. At the same it imports us to the concept of sports disputes, the nature and character of sports courts and the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Through this online course we will recorded and investigate major problems that encounter in the international racing and sport activity. Finally, we will analyze the topic of labor relations developed in the context of professional activity of individuals in sports and racing activity.
1. Sports Law, theory and praxis
2.International Sports Law and sports institutions
3. Sports Jurisdiction
4. Special topics of Sports Law

Duration: 19 weeks, 95 hours

Language: English

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