Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee message

By the President
Konstantinos Remelis 
Professor of Law, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen
Sports law as a primarily interdisciplinary sector, both at the national and international level comes to deal with substantive rules of the sport and the resolution of relevant differences.

Based on this framework, the organization of sport as a multidimensional activity constitutes historically a peculiar community with strong elements not only of institutional but also of legal autonomy. Important aspects of this peculiar legal order will concern our Congress.

Differences arising from sports activity, which are faced by the sports legal order, concern the rules of exercising sports as well as the organization and functioning of sports associations. In the course of time though, the interest of Sports Law is directed towards more specific matters, such as the contractual relations in sport regarding sports and sponsorship contracts that are dealt with special legal regulations as well as towards the national and international sports jurisdiction.

The subject of the 25th Congress of Sports law is entitled:
« Professionalism Sports Activities, International Sports Rules / Sports law Code”.
It is a fact that Sports Law, both in Greece, where the International Association of Sports Law started, as well as in other countries all over the World, has received a great expansion and has significant growth. This is also confirmed by the number of issues included for discussion as conference sessions and address the whole area of Sports Law, such as:
• Principles of Law and sport
• Legal aspects of Professionalism
• Special legal issues of professional sport
• Resolution of Sports Disputes
• Contracts of Athletes and Professional players
• The profession of trainer/coach, manager and referee
• Licensing of professional competence
• Arbitration and mediation in sport
• Corruption, match-fixing and Sports Law and Management

The international scholarly community, all active people occupied with Sports Law, Lawyers, as well as those who are generally involved in Sports, will have the opportunity at the end of this year from 13 -14 December (2019) in Athens to participate in a big event, the 25th IASL Congress of Sports Law.

As the President of the Scientific Committee, I would like to express my thanks to our speakers and welcome you to the 25th IASL Congress in Athens .

Konstantinos Remelis