Scientific Committee

Message by the President

Konstantinos Remelis
Professor of Law, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen

Sport has always been an essential element of a person’s physical and mental state. Its importance lies not only in the achievement of best results or records, but primarily in the philosophical and moral values it brings out, such as fair competition, equal treatment, team spirit, participation and solidarity.

Fair play in sport is not understandable unless it is directly connected with pure and legitimate means and moral values, as the spirit of justice, the moral integrity and the human dignity. So, primary aim and central idea of sport is the reward of effort and not only of victory.

Greece is the place where the ideas and values of Olympism were born. Olympism as philosophical ideal, seeks not only to teach and spread the respect to the rules of sport, but also to promote fair competition, education, culture, peace and friendship.

Based on this value framework, the organization of sport as a multidimensional activity constitutes historically a peculiar community with strong elements not only of institutional, but also of legal autonomy.

Sports law as a primarily interdisciplinary sector, both at national and international level, comes to deal with substantive rules of sport and the resolution of relevant differences. Important aspects of this peculiar legal order will concern our Congress.

As the President of the Scientific Committee I would like to express my thanks to our speakers and welcome you to the 24th IASL Congress.  

Konstantinos Remelis