President of Organizing Committee

Message by:
President of I.A.S.L
Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos
Professor at the University of Athens

April 1, 2014 Athens

Dear friends and Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sport is an international institution, which has developed into a multifarious activity, in the framework of which complicated relations arise, while the problems and differences emerging from sports exertion are numerous.

I.A.S.L. has already completed 22 years of scientific involvement, research and contribution in the international scientific community and in the field of sport internationally. There is a large number of scientists who have shown interest in this sector during the 22 years of IASL, which has organized to date 19 successful international and global conferences. Through the activity of IASL, many young legal scientists and the teaching staff of many universities internationally had much interest to deal with this subject theoretically, but also many lawyers practically deal with this specific subject. Moreover, many people are scientists of related specializations, such as sports scientists and those who deal in practice with sport institutions, administration and organization of sport, that have displayed for a long time a special interest in Sports Law and Lex Sportiva. The path of 22 years that IASL has followed, can only be considered as a completely successful one.

The Hellenic Centre of Research on Sports Law in collaboration with the International Association of Sports Law have undertook to conduct the organization of the 20th Worldwide Sports Law Congress of IASL on 11-13 December 2014 in Athens entitled:

Sports Law – 22 Years I.A.S.L
Lex Sportiva –Lex Olympica and Sports Jurisdiction
Experience – Development & Perspective

We are confident that the organization of the 20th Worldwide Sports Law Congress, will be an event of utmost importance for the international scientific community involved in the field of Sports Law and also in general.

In this Congress for the celebration of the 22 years of Sports Law of IASL, delegates from all over the world are likely to participate and there’s also a special invitation for expert speakers and distinguished Professors of Sports Law from prestigious universities around the world. Among the topics, which will be discussed at the Conference, there are issues related to the areas of Sports Law, Sports Law Theory: Lex Sportiva – Olympica, Sport Deontology and Sports Ethics, Sports Jurisdiction, Sports Law Management and Sports Tourism, Developments In Sports Law: Learning from Recent Experience and Planning for the Future, International Sports Law. It’s also important for the international community of Sport to come up with a scientific text for the establishment of an International Charter of Sport and Sport Tourism correspondingly, after many years of scientific sufferings.

The opening of the Congress will be held in the Ceremony Hall of the University in December 11, adding a special prestige to this Congress, as also the award of “Apollo Nomius”, which is given to an international personality. In the same area, it was held the 1st International Congress on Sports Law, organized by EKEAD, in which the International Association of Sports Law (IASL) was born on the 13th December of 1992.

We invite you to participate in this historic conference of IASL and we are waiting for you in the beautiful and historic city, the city of the world and culture, the beautiful Athens!

Best Regards,

Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos