Special Topics

25th international sports law congress

I: The professional sports today – Lex Sportiva

  • Principles of Law and sport
  • Legal aspects of Professionalism
  • Special legal issue of professional sport
  • Resolution of Sports Disputes

II: Sport business professionals: Issues, laws, decisions and solutions

  • Contracts of Athletes and Professional players
  • The profession of trainer/ coach , manager and referee
  • Licensing of professional competence
  • Arbitration and mediation in sport

III: Threats to professional sport: Corruption, match-fixing  

  • The referees problem
  • Corruption and Match-fixing
  • Betting and gambling in sport
  • Broadcasting rights

IV:  Sports Law and Management

  • Managerial implication of Sports Law
  • Intellectual property is sports activities
  • The future of Football agent
  • Legal aspects in financial management

V International Sports Law Code, a Necessity

  • International convince or treaties of Sports
  • Wada code
  •  Maccollin code
  •  Corpus Juris Athletiki? A Constitutional charter of International Sports activities!