Social Events

Friday, 13  December  2019

        National and Kapodistrian of Athens

  • Music Program
    Piano by: Andreas Boutsikakis
    Sings: Betty Lancelotti

  • Formal Reception by President of 25th IASL Congress Organizing Committee
    Mr. Georgios LENOS
    in the Hall of Kostis Palamas, hour 21:20

     Social Event 1

Contact: Akademias and Sina Str. 48
(Behind the University of Athens)
Tel.: 210 3688712, 210 3688711, 210 3632537, 210 3632562
Fax: 210-3626719
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Saturday, 14 December 2019

  • Formal Reception by Mayor of Athenians
    Mr.Konstantinos BAKOGIANNIS 
    in the Hall of Municipality of Athens, Kotzia Square, hour 21:20

        Social Event 2b 

From the Organizing Committee:

We would like to Thank:
Minister of Sports Lefteris AYGENAKIS
Mayor of Athenians Mr.Konstantinos BAKOGIANNIS

We would like to thank  Georgios BALATSOURAS for Doric Wines of Koniakos Doridas

 5              2

We only farm rare ancient Greek grape varieties.
We proudly keep the last vineyard in the world with the grape variety “Kosmas”, which is a rare Ancient Greek grape variety of central Greece.
All of our products are natural and organic. From the very beginning of the wine production and until the final product we avoid any use of chemicals, stabilizers or other additives.
We love nature and our state of mind is to create products with zero environmental impact.

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Sightseeing to the Archaeological Museum of Acropolis

Saturday and Sunday, 13-14 December 2014