Theodossis Pelegrinis

Message by: 
Former Rector of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Professor Theodossis Pelegrinis, Greece

Athens April 3, 2014

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the National University of Athens, several international scientific events of paramount importance are organized by the Hellenic Centre of Research on Sports Law and the International Association of Sports Law under the responsibility of their President and Professor of our University, Mr. Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos.

The sport in all its expressions, as body exercise, as entertainment, as education, even as a profession is eminently a field of sportsmanship and brotherhood and not of confrontation. The area of the non-rivalry regards that the winning of the match should be done only with fair and legitimate means, as its central idea is to reward effort and not only victory.

The constant pursuit of justice is "to ascribe to everyone what he owns", as the art "of good and equal", according to Plato. Do these principles find fruitful ground nowadays? There is no coincidence that the Law and the Sports Science are combined and, as a result, they shape this interdisciplinary field of Sports Law. My belief is that this subject shows the way of expression of the most important values which were created by the human spirit: the "Olympic ideals " and the human rights should be presented and in sport action, where, except the law of course, it arises the major matter of education, as the negative phenomena in sports (such as football violence, the use of doping substances etc) have been intruded into the sport and its ideals, which I think they should be addressed by specific rules and sports Justice.

The existence of the law rules, with their prudential and suppressive function, contributes substantially to this goal, while the regulations of the involved international sport bodies clearly identify the landscape of this activity.

I'm glad for hosting the 20th World-wide IASL Congress of Sports Law, which is organized by the Hellenic Centre of Research on Sports Law (EKEAD), the Seminary of Sports Law of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, at the same place, where, 22 years ago, the 1st International corresponding Conference was held and the International Association of Sports Law was established by the organizer of the current Congress.

I am looking forward to your participation and your special contribution to this conference with high-level tasks.

Kind regards,

Theodossis Pelegrinis