International Symposium of Sports Law

“Sports in the World Today and Sports Law”

Friday 05 July 2024, Athens

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The International Symposium of IASL, organized by the Hellenic Center of Research on Sports Law (EKEAD), Sports Law Academy, International Sports Law Review Pandektis,e-Lex Sportiva under the Auspices of the Athens Bar Association as a preparation for the 26th IASL congress in Athens on 13/14 December 2024.


The IASL’s Symposium of Sports Law, organized by the Hellenic Sports Law Research Center (EKEAD), in cooperation with  Sports Law Academy, the Journal International Sports Law Review Pandektis, e-Lex Sportiva, with the NKUA Master in Marketing Sports Cultures Politics  Programme, as preparation for the 26th IASL conference in Athens on 13/14 December 2024. The Symposium is held under the auspices of the Athens Bar Association and is supported by the Law Firm D. P. Panagiotopoulos and Partners.


The goal of the Symposium is to deepen the effects of international relations on the status of sports autonomy. Is this concept still relevant or do international events heavily influence sports (and sports competitions)? If we believe that sport can be an effective tool for promoting peace and democratic coexistence (EU White paper on sport), considering, instead, the strong conditioning to which it is subjected, what spaces of real autonomy it has to carry out this important function? This is the question! “

These are big questions for discussion today! The International Statutory Charter of Sports as the basis of International Sports Law is also a question.

Under the Auspices:
Athens Bar Association

Participants will receive a Certificate from IASL, free.