Abstracts & Power Point Presentations

1st Session

Huiying XIANG: Motivation Function of Sports Law
Olga Shevchenko: On the Interaction of Sports Federations Rules and National Law
Hong-jun Ma: The Discussion on the Construction of the Contractual Relationship between Coaches and Athletes
Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos: Employment Relations in Sports Activities and Protection of Individual and Economics Freedoms, A Corpus Juris Athletiki
Vassiliki Ch. kapogianni: Sports & Lex under the Auspices of an Arbitrary Rex
Ahmad Yousefi Sadeghloo: Investigating Civil Responsibility of Arbitrators in Sports Contracts
Maria Francesca Serra: A Strange Case of Conflict: Labour Law vs. Federal Norms about Sport

2nd Session

Magdalena Kędzior: State aid in Sport in the European Union Law
Andreas Zagklis: Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT): A Quick, Efficient, Innovative Way to Settle Financial Disputes
Karolina Tetlak: Olympic Tax Law
Tang Yong: Global Sports Law and its Challenge to Jurisprudence
Daniel Gandert, Patrick Callaghan: The Spectrum of Questionable Behavior in Sport (Present: Daniel Gandert)
Hua-rong CHEN: Legislative Analysis of the Sports Statutory Law
Alkis Papantoniou: The FIFA Regulations on Working With Intermediaries: Implementation, Differences with the Current System and Challenges
Sergey Yurlov: Resolution of Sport Disputes Arising out of Sport Competitions
Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, Angelos Patronis: Disciplinary Penalties to Persons Involved with Activities in the Field of Professional Team Sports
(Present: Angelos Patronis)
Magdalini Bellou: The Necessity for Regulation or/and Re-Regulation of Sports Labor Relation

3rd Session

Lauri Tarasti: Prevention of Sport Manipulation in Sports Law
Wang Xiaoping: Discussion of Referee’s Subject Status and Responsibility of Behavior
Jalil Maleki, Yaghoub kadkhodaei: Sports Legal Regime of Iran
(Present: Jalil Maleki)
Luo Xiao-Shuang: The Impact of the Third Party’s Benefits on the Chinese Football Player’s Contractual Stability
Shah Murad: Settlement of Sports Related Disputes in Pakistan: In Search of Effective Solution
Alfonso León: Recent Changes on the Applicable Regulations Legally Binding upon Players’ Agents and jurisprudence Related Thereto
Zhang Xiaoshi, Zhao Jing: Public Power Sources of China’s Sports Associations and Analysis of Relevant Problems

4th Session
Klaus Vieweg: The Decisions of Sports Physicians from a Legal Perspective
Antonio Ricozzi: Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI ) independent Commission
Yoko Kushida: How a Dispute Resolution Body Can Make a Contribution to the Enhancement of Sport
Zhi Yongping, Li Xiao: A Study on the Application of General Principles of Law in Court of Arbitration for Sport
Johan Lindholm: CAS and Lex Sportiva: An Empirical Study
Dimitrios Goulas: The Validity of Restrictions on Trainee Athletes Signing their first Professional Contract under Greek Case-Law
Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos, Aikaterini Karaxaliou: The Principle οf Exclusion in the Framework of the National Sports Law, Procedural issues in the Administration of Justice (2725/1999 Gr. L., Art. 131) (Present:Aikaterini Karaxaliou)
Ali Malihzadeh: Expedited Arbitration in CAS
Alexey Kulik: Responsibility of subjects in sports area for distribution and use of prohibited preparations, methods and substances as doping in accordance with legislation of Russian Federation
Rae-hyouk Kang: Dealing with Sports Disputes in the Olympics: From Previous Cases to the Future Prospect
Zhongqiu Tan: Research on the Sporting Just Cause of Termination of a Professional Employment Contract
Luh Merry Dyanthi Wedawitry: Preventing Efforts Against Consuming Doping of Psychotropic Drugs Within Football Players at Football Organization and National Narcotic Bureau of Bali Province

5th Session

John T. Wolohan: The NFL Concussion Settlement: A Look What it May Mean for Other Sports Leagues
Lucio Colantuoni: Coaches and Managers Contracts in Football: Peculiarities and Termination, Int’l and comparative stud
Özgerhan Tolunay: Sports Law in Turkey (as a sports law and governance model
Eduardo Carlezzo: The transfer market of football players and the implication of the FIFA regulations
Dimitrios Stavroulakis, Amalia Karabekou, Stephanos Karagiannis: Application of Communication Principles on Sports tourism. A Research on the Semi-Marathon of the City of Leivadia
Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos: Global Sports Tourism and the Necessity of an Institutional Framework in Greece
Morteza Zangeneh: Criminal Responsibility of Sport Managers on Treatment way into Injured Athletes in Sports Activities Accordance to Codes of Islamic Republic of Iran
Marios Papaloukas: The Right to Use One’s Name for Betting Services

6st Session

Kee-Young YEUN: Development of the Sports Industry and Product Liability
Alexandru-Virgil VOICU: Aspects οf Moral And Legal Legitimacy οf the Ideology οf Sport In Contemporary Society
Qian LI: The Development and Evolution of Torts Law ιn Negligence of Sports Injury – Focusing on Chinese Legislation, Practice and Jurisprudence
Shanxu Yu: China Sports Reform to a New Stage: Promoting the Rule of Law as the Core of Modern Governance
Mariia Tikhonova: Responsibility of athlete for use of a Prohibited substance or Method
Anna Di Giandomenico: The Convention on Manipulation of Sports Competition: A First Comment
Anatoly Peskov: Politics, Sports Medicine and the Spread of New Doping Technologies in Professional Sports

7th Session

James Nafziger: The Evolution of International Sports Law
John Nauright:Human Rights, Social Justice and Gigantism in Sport: Subverting Democracy in the Drive to Accumulate Wealth and Power Through Sport
Anna Kyprianou: A world Against Corruption; Match Fixing
Majed M Garoub: Contradiction Between National and Sports Regulations and Their Impact on Sport Investment
Lingling Wei: Olympic Enclosure of Generic Words, has Event-Specific Legislation Struck the Right Balance?
Mehdi Yousefi Sadeghloo, Mahsa Mokarrami: Codification of Proved Sport Patterns: A Study of Its Necessity